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When Does a Consumer Product Become a Cultural Icon?

Very often, a new product isn’t celebrated for its beauty, innovation or enduring design when it’s first launched. It can take years for consumers to recognize a product as a bona fide game changer, and to acknowledge its status as a cultural icon.

Keurig Canada, founded in 1919 by Albert-Louis Van Houtte, has played an important role in Keurig’s market success, and Canada is rightfully proud of their company’s contribution. The Keurig brewer has achieved “design legend” status in Canada, taking its place among other classic products, including the Apple iPhone, the Phil & Ted’s 3-wheeled baby stroller and the Burberry plaid scarf. The Keurig brewer is currently on exhibit in Québec City at the Musée de la Civilisation.

Motiv is also proud of its involvement in the design and commercialization of what has become an important part of everyday life in Canada.