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One of the key takeaways from the Covid years is that the world is more eager than ever to take on the outdoors—and needs plenty of gear to make the most of it. The outdoor industry is booming, and great product design is critical to helping companies stand out and consumers get out there. People now expect outdoor products to be highly durable, weather-resistant, flawlessly functional…and Instagram-worthy. At Motiv, we love outdoor product design and packaging almost as much as we love the outdoors itself. Our clients’ products range from hiking and camping gear designed to go any distance in all conditions, to outdoor home goods that help people get the most from their own backyards.

Adapting to Any Condition

Superior outdoor products solve real-world problems. That means, to thrive in a competitive market, brands need to focus on new products and new features. Durability, usability and desirability all go hand-in-hand. Our team of seasoned designers has a passion for creating innovative products that are made to overcome the elements—with authentic, functional solutions that are coveted, posted about and become a part of people’s identity.

Understanding the Consumer

Real-time insights and fast feedback are imperative for brands to keep pace with changing market needs. Motiv’s specialists, researchers, designers, and engineers use our understanding of the outdoor industry and technologies to develop creative and innovative solutions to meet our clients’ goals. With precise data and actionable insights, we provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions and proactively address consumer demands.

Knowing What We Know (And What We Don’t)

Motiv’s engineering and marketing teams are experts in the outdoor industry—relying on our own passion for the outdoors and decades of experience designing products for outdoor brands. But we also know we don’t know everything. That’s why we depend on our team of researchers and strategists to help guide the decision-making process. When premium products are backed by deep consumer insights and data, goals are reached, products fly off shelves, and outdoor adventurers become loyal customers.

Motiv Can Help

As consumers have changed and evolved, so have outdoor brands. With a deep understanding of the industry and decades of proven results, our outdoor product design experts develop products from the spark of an idea. Our product and packaging design teams design and repositions existing products to capture consumers’ attention. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, we have the resources, know-how, and experience to help your brand thrive—creating what’s better, what’s new, and what’s never been imagined before.


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Product Design, Engineering, Branding & Communications


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Burris Optics

Burris Oracle X product design and engineering.

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