Integrated disciplines for an informed perspective.

Whether we’re fueling the spark of a brilliant concept, designing the ultimate user interface, or orchestrating a remarkable out-of-box experience, we collaborate with clients throughout the lifecycle of their ventures to create effective, unexpected solutions.

Insights + Strategy

It’s where quantitative meets qualitative, where data meets desire, infused with a bit of intuition and gut check for good measure. We shape our insights based on the wants and needs of both consumers and stakeholders to produce informed, forward-thinking strategies.

  • Consumer research
  • Landscape assessment
  • Retail auditing and insights
  • Marketing strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Product definition


We never underestimate the power of meaningful brand experiences. Much more than a logo or a tagline, the most unforgettable brands connect with audiences in a visceral way through experiences. Through thoughtful visual identity and messaging, we help clients inspire consumers to feel something, do something, crave something.

  • Brand expression
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Copywriting
  • Environmental graphics
  • Collateral
  • Photography
  • Video

Product Design

From napkin sketch to whiteboard to working prototype, our team of designers and engineers collaborate with clients to shape the spark of an idea into reality. We have an exceptional history of developing authentic, functional solutions that are both cost-effective and profitable.

  • Product landscape analysis
  • Product design rendering
  • Brainstorming & concept generation
  • VBL & line logic development
  • UI/UX development
  • CAD modeling
  • Product renderings
  • Study & Appearance models
  • Engineering liaison


Working in tandem with our Product Design team, our Engineering department turns ideas into realities and concepts into products. Their mechanical and electrical design prowess combines with a human-centered engineering philosophy to create the inner workings of devices that are intuitive, precise and dependable. The department’s expertise extends into testing—giving our clients quantifiable data to inform their decisions. Connections throughout the manufacturing sector facilitate bringing products to market with speed and ease.

  • Research & development
  • Benchmarking & cost analysis
  • Mechanical design
  • DFM
  • Electrical design
  • Breadboarding/prototyping
  • Testing & reporting
  • Technical documentation
  • Vendor selection
  • Manufacturing management & support


Effective packaging must do three things: create a human connection, convey the brand promise, and build trust. Motiv designs innovative packaging that embodies the ideals of practicality, honesty, sustainability, and extendability.

  • Structure development
  • Graphic design
  • Information architecture
  • Messaging
  • Illustration and Photography
  • Out of box experience
  • Production


Now more than ever, consumers expect more rewarding in-store experiences. We understand the intricacies and unique challenges of working with different retailers across a wide range of industries and geographic regions. Our team includes structural and graphic designers, content developers, and packaging experts.

  • Structure development
  • Content development
  • Graphic design
  • Production management

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