The Motiv Approach to Retail Merchandising

Now That We’ve Got Your Attention:

Now more than ever, consumers expect more captivating in-store experiences—not just ones that entice, but ones that grab their attention and hold it. At Motiv, we’re experts in understanding the intricacies and unique challenges of propelling retailers across a vast range of industries. Our team of structural and graphic designers, content developers, and packaging wizzes has decades of experience building brands and increasing revenue for our clients.

Moving Fast—All the Time

Retail never sits still. Consumer expectations have reached unprecedented heights, demanding more gratifying in-store experiences than ever before. The Motiv team understands the challenges and knows how to overcome them, working together to enhance the in-store experience for shoppers. We create retail experiences that are exciting, enjoyable, and memorable—with measurable results.


Experts in the Details

The core of our approach is a deep understanding of the distinct nuances that support different retail environments. What captures consumers in one industry might not work in another. This nuanced perspective and our expertise across industries is integral to our ability to tailor solutions that exceed the expectations of our diverse clients.

Right People, Right Solutions

Because first impressions shape the entire consumer journey, Motiv’s structural and graphic designers focus on creating visually captivating and structurally sound in-store environments. In tandem, our content developers play a crucial role in enhancing the narrative woven into the in-store experience. Collaboratively, our team uses visual storytelling to develop strong brand identities and help our clients forge lasting relationships with consumers—improving consumer loyalty and increasing sales.

Case Studies

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Product Positioning, Branding, and Innovation for “Your Local Water Experts”


Research, Identity, Strategy, Product, Packaging, Communications


Research, Strategy, Product Design, Engineering, User Interface, Communications, Packaging and Identity.

Additional Services

Our agency offers a number of services in addition to retail merchandising.

Imagine What We Can Do Together

The power of Motiv’s multidisciplinary team of packaging designers, structural engineers, and merchandising experts means attracting new consumers while creating stronger bonds with your brand. Ready to take your retail merchandising, packaging design, and brand storytelling to the next level? Connect with our team to get started.