Product Design for Early-Stage Companies & Start-Up

Turning Concepts Into Award-Winning Products

At Motiv, we work with start-up companies and early stage innovators, providing product design, development and packaging that turn product ideas into a reality. We're an experienced agency that works with companies of all sizes, across several industries, creating successful products and brands.

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Turning Concepts into a Reality

Working with our agency, we help you develop your product, taking it from design to tangible product. Our firm helps your startup get off of the ground onto the shelves of retailers.

Propelling You Forward

Early-stage innovators and start-ups come to our firm very early in the product development process. They have funding, market research, and a product brief needed to move forward with development, but they lack the resources or capabilities to turn their ideas into successful products. That’s where we come in - we take your product idea and turn it into a sought-after product.


Working With a Product Design Agency

In order to work with a startup or early-stage innovator, our firm will need:

Featured Case Study: Keurig

Keurig is known for being a leader in home appliances, but once upon a time, the company was a startup. See how Motiv played an instrumental part in Keurig's massive success, helping them become the brand they are today.

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Motiv Can Help

Our agency has the resources, know-how and experience to help start-ups and growing companies create what’s never been imagined before. ​

Early Stage & Startup Case Studies

Here are some early-stage brands that we've worked with.


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Product Design, Product Engineering.


Naming, Product Design, Branding, Identity, Packaging, Communications


We provide the following services for early stage innovators and startup companies.

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