An Integrated Approach to Product Design & Packaging

Motiv is an integrated creative firm specializing in product design, branding, and packaging. We’re explorers, tinkerers, problem-slayers, big-idea thinkers, and stay-up-all-nighters. From concept to creation, we pride ourselves as responsive partners who collaborate with companies to grow market share and connect with consumers.

Our Work

At Motiv, the work we provide results from close collaboration with our clients to help them design products, develop brands, and deliver creative solutions.​

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Our Expertise

We address complex problems and strategic initiatives through innovative product design and packaging development.

We shape our ideas based on the wants and needs of both consumers and stakeholders to produce informed, forward-thinking strategies.

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Much more than a logo or a tagline, the most unforgettable brands connect with audiences in a visceral way through experiences.

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From napkin sketch to whiteboard to working prototype, our team of designers and engineers collaborate with clients to shape the spark of an idea into reality.

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Mechanical and electrical design prowess combines with a human-centered engineering philosophy to create the inner workings of devices that are intuitive, precise, and dependable.

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Innovative packaging for products that embodies the ideals of practicality, honesty, sustainability, and extendibility.

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Consumers expect more rewarding in-store experiences. We understand the intricacies and unique challenges of working with different retailers across a wide range of industries.

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