We design with reason.

Our home is South Boston, a melting pot where old world traditions and new ideas converge. We thrive on the creative spirit and gritty energy that SoBo is known for – and like our city, we’ve been described as tenacious, ambitious, approachable, adaptable, and perhaps a bit humble.

Ben Hines Industrial Designer
Bill Sterling Principal
Brendan Crawford Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Designer
Brent Boswell Mechanical Engineer
Connor Benton Industrial Designer
Darryl Cozza IT Manager
Darryl Khalil Senior Production Manager
Emily Scalici Senior Designer
Glenn Sundin Senior Director, Strategic Marketing
James McGee Lead Industrial Designer
Jim Shepard Director of Engineering
Katy Hughes Operations Manager
Keith Corsetti Designer/Creative Coordinator
Kyle Marcella Creative Director
Matthew Bacon Director, Brand Expression
Milly Houstova Designer
Nora Lecce Project Manager
Pam Chase Director New Business Development
Paul Metaxatos Principal
Robert Pietrzak Marketing Research & Strategic Planning
Steffen Koury Director, Product Development
Yen Wei Lee Senior Industrial Designer
Zach Guzaitis Mechanical Engineer
Zavisa Dogic Designer



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