Pet Product design

Somewhere along the line—right about the same time dogs and cats went from having names like Fido and Kitty to human names like Sammy and Phoebe—pets evolved from being companions to being full-fledged family members.

At Motiv, we’re animal lovers ourselves. Just like us, we know that consumers want the absolute best for their pets and expect the absolute best products—safe, fun, beautiful and proven. From concept to creation, our pet product design, engineering and packaging teams deliver goods that consumers covet and pets drool for. We bring to market quality products for humans and the dogs, cats, and other pets that deserve the best.

Standing Out In a Competitive Market

Launching a new pet product can be tricky in a competitive market. To keep pace in an evolving market, Motiv guides pet brands to focus on new products and features to create products that draw in consumers. To do it right, you need a team of seasoned designers and engineers who are passionate about innovative pet products. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s what pet people will love.

Designed for Consumers and Pets

Exceeding performance goals requires a deep understanding of pet product design, packaging, and marketing—and Motiv excels at all of it. Our product design services include research, industrial design, graphic design, and user experience to invent solutions that meet our clients' needs, capture their attention and enrich their pets' lives.

Pet Product Design Backed by Data and Insights

Pet brands need real-time insights and fast feedback to adapt to a growing and changing market. Motiv's specialists, researchers, designers, and engineers use our deep insights and understanding of industries and technologies to develop creative and innovative solutions. With precise data and actionable insights, we provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions and proactively address consumer demands. The results speak for themselves: Walk into any pet supply shop or superstore and you’re bound to see Motiv-designed products—luring you in, enticing you, and luring you to the checkout.

Motiv Can Help

As consumers have changed and evolved, so have pet products. With over a dozen years of experience, our product design experts develop pet products from the spark of an idea. Whether you’re a large enterprise pet company or a startup, our firm has the know-how and experience to help your brand thrive.


We offer a number of services we offer for food and beverage brands.

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