Human-Centric Product Engineering

The Two-Team Approach to Powerful Innovation

At Motiv, collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation. Turning ideas into realities and concepts into products demands the combined brain power of our Product Design team and our Engineering department. Our firm's mechanical and industrial design prowess combines with our human-centered engineering philosophy to create a powerhouse of innovation that brings new products to market—with speed, efficiency, and a remarkable success record for creating consumer demand.

Focus on the Experience

Central to Motiv's approach is our commitment to human-centered engineering. Beyond the technical intricacies of product design, the philosophy underscores the importance of creating devices that seamlessly integrate with the user experience. It's not just about functionality, it's about crafting the inner workings of products that are intuitive, precise, and, above all, dependable. When a product is beautiful, effortless to use, and eminently reliable, it becomes part of the consumer’s life—and your brand becomes an indelible part of their story.

Tested and Proven

Beyond the drawing board and digital simulations, our Engineering team’s meticulous testing procedures provide Motiv’s clients with quantifiable data to power informed decision-making. Armed with precise data, your company can confidently navigate the complex landscape of product development, making strategic decisions to bring your vision to market and meet—and often exceed—your goals.

Deep Connections

Our firm's engineers and designers are no strangers to fostering connections. Their reach extends beyond the design studio, with deep relationships with manufacturers—strategic alliances that allow for a seamless flow from design to production. In a world where time-to-market can make or break a product's success, Motiv's ability to navigate the intricacies of manufacturing is a huge advantage. These connections not only streamline production processes, but also enhance quality control measures, ensuring the end product meets the absolute highest standards.

Imagine What We Can Do Together

In the rapidly changing world of product innovation, the combined power of Motiv’s Product Engineers and Designers means a short, efficient, and proven path to products that consumers covet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product engineering involves overseeing many aspects of the product, including its quality, cost, performance, usability, reliability, lifespan, and serviceability. Without product engineering, a product would remain an idea, so it plays a crucial role in developing a product.

 Our product engineers are professionals who design products and coordinate the manufacturing process for those products.

Our engineers work closely with our product designers, reviewing new or existing products during the design phase to reduce costs and increase functionality. This is all to increase the value of the product in the most cost-effective way without taking away from its purpose.