Product Design for Health & Wellness

As you know all too well, product design for the medical and health & wellness industries can be a complex and overwhelming process—even for the most seasoned companies. As a top industrial design firm, we work with startups and well-established organizations to design and develop products in the healthcare industry, from consumer medical devices to health & wellness products. We have assisted our clients in creating new medical devices and re-imagining existing ones. Our firm has decades of experience designing and engineering safe, intuitive, reliable products.

Industry Experts, Proven Results

At Motiv, we pride ourselves in our prowess in developing reliable health and wellness products through our proven, meticulous process. Our engineering and product design teams thrive on finding new ways to reach health and wellness consumers. Exceeding goals comes down to our deep understanding of product design, packaging, and marketing. Motiv provides research, industrial design, graphic design, and user experience services to develop solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Diving Deep to Understand the Consumer

For our clients' brands to keep pace in the health and wellness industry, we depend on real-time insights and fast feedback. Motiv's researchers, designers, and engineers use our decades of experience to develop truly innovative products and packaging. We dive deep, uncovering consumer’s wants, needs, and concerns—creating breakthrough solutions with intuitive interfaces that outpace the competition.

Motiv Can Help

With decades of proven results, our experts can develop product and packaging design in the health and wellness industry from the spark of an idea—or reimagine proven products and make them relevant for today. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a startup, we have the resources, know-how and experience to help your brand thrive, creating what's better, what's new, and what's never been imagined before.


We offer a number of services we offer for health & wellness and consumer medical companies.

Health & Wellness Projects

Here are a few health and wellness brands we've worked with.

Hawaiian Tropic

Positioning and package design for the sun care leader.


Packaging, Merchandising, Communications


Insights + Strategy, Branding, Design, Packaging & Merchandising

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