Meet Esther Suen: On a Mission to Build Great Consumer Appliances

If Esther Suen ran a publicly listed American company, her name would probably be well-known on Wall Street and Main Street, and her accomplishments as the head of a major manufacturing firm would be well-documented in the business press. Conversely…given Esther’s low-key, down-to-earth personal style…she would just as likely avoid all the publicity and simply focus on producing some of world’s highest quality consumer appliances. That’s exactly what Esther has done since she joined her family’s business, Simatelex, in1986; growing the Hong Kong-based company by 300% over the past two decades as its leader.

Motiv has been honored to work with Simatelex in the past, and knows first-hand that Esther’s company walks the talk, in terms of integrity, quality and innovation. We also greatly appreciate Esther’s friendship and willingness to share with us her personal story, and to give our readers some insight into how and why Simatelex continues to be so successful.

To learn more about Esther, and her opinions on a wide range of topics. Click here to read Ester’s interview.

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