Meet John Werner: His mission is to connect people, networks and ideas

In his interview with Motiv, John Werner – Executive-in-Residence at the Cambridge-based startup accelerator, Cogo Labs – provides insight into the mind of someone we consider to be a bona fide innovator and change agent.

Our conversation with John covers a broad range of topics, including how he’s created his own career path; the important differences between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality; why the Smart Phone will be replaced in 5 years; and the role science and technology needs to play in saving the environment. On the personal side, John also discusses the role photography plays in his life, and his experience as a world-class athlete who’s competed in scores of Ironman and Half-Ironman competitions.

Learn what drives John, and benefit from his ideas on how technology is changing your world. Click here to read John’s interview.

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