Product evaluation

A Design With Reason Workshop

You’ve got products. We’ve got ideas. Let’s get together. Collaborate with Motiv experts in a customized product evaluation. Together, we’ll assess your products, inspire creative thinking and collaboration, unlock your company's innovative potential, and discover new tactics to move your company forward.

Here’s what we’ll bring to the table:

The results of our product evaluation will help companies stay relevant in their market, spur growth, and improve user experience. We all know a company's ability to innovate is essential for long-term viability. Motiv will help your brand stay relevant, as you venture out of your comfort zone and get creative with our team.

Creativity Drives Innovation

We’ll work together to identify opportunities and create innovative solutions--incorporating brainstorming, design thinking, and visual mapping to generate ideas that solve your brand’s challenges.

Workshop Examples

Strategic Brand Alignment

This session is more strategic in nature. It will help your team evaluate all their brand platforms together with their attendant markets, channels/key retailers, growth trajectories, and profit margins to put together a comprehensive go-forward strategic plan for each brand.

Brand-Focused Pipeline Development

Here we will focus on one or two key brands that your company believes have growth potential and create a robust process for developing a rich pipeline of new line and category extensions under those brand platforms. We would add market research tools to this process to ensure that ideas are vetted before being resourced into development.

New Product Ideation Session

This is a fun and creative session designed to tap the rich innovation expertise of Motiv leadership while simultaneously sparking new creativity from within the your team using our best-in- class concept development techniques.

Product Refinement Session

This session will take an existing product(s) (or product concepts) and leverage Motiv's vast design and innovation skills to tweak, shape, refine, or transform them into something new and potentially game changing.

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    Who Benefits From This Workshop?

    Anyone responsible for problem solving, design, research, development, and management of your company’s current or next-generation products.


    Every vision is different and each outcome is tailored to our clients’ unique needs, so every product evaluation we host is priced individually. After getting to know your questions and goals, we’ll provide you with an estimate. Just fill out the form and we’ll get back to you and get things rolling.

    Key Leadership at Motiv

    Here are the members of our team that will lead your product evaluation.

    Paul Metaxatos


    Steffen Koury

    Director, Product Development

    Jim Shepard

    Director of Engineering

    James McGee

    Creative Director

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