What’s New, What’s Next,
What’s Better!

At Motiv, we’re at the forefront of what’s new, what’s next, what’s better. We design with reason to create meaningful products and profitable experiences for our clients and their consumers.

Make it relevant / Consumer Research + Insights

We’re not ones to take a stab in the dark at what consumers want or what will make a product better. Research is an essential part of our process.

Motiv analyzes vast amounts of information about consumers, brands, products, competitors, markets, and trends. We research the desires, needs, physical capabilities, and emotional responses of consumers to gain insight about the design of a product and its development. Whether it’s learning about patent limitations, ergonomic needs, or geographical trends, what we glean from market and consumer research is invaluable to our design process.

Make a plan / Marketing + Brand Strategy

Our marketing and brand development strategies are designed to work in tandem to draw the expertise of all our disciplines.

We begin by capturing an overview of the market, which includes the evaluation of the competitive landscape, business plans, visual audits, product assessments, and consumer insights. Then we work one-on-one with our clients to develop market positioning, brand value proposition, and innovative product offerings. We also provide strategic marketing recommendations ranging from product features to channel strategies.

Make it smart / Visual Communication Design

Motiv creates engaging brand experiences that influence behavior and foster valuable relationships with your consumer. From brand promises to packaging to point-of-sale, we are experts are building visual identity systems that speak loud and clear to consumers.

Make it work / Product Design + Engineering

The synergy of strategic design and precise engineering is central to the development and success of the products we create. Our team of passionate designers, engineers and human factors specialists collaborate on product lines that are smart, functional, brand-centric, and profitable for our clients.

From ideation to styling to trending to the development of the user interface, we’re always collaborating with clients to fuel innovation. We pair that innovation with our solid mechanical engineering services for all development stages — from rapid proof-of-concept prototypes to final database transfers, our engineering team exemplifies quality, creativity, experience, and multidisciplinary teamwork.


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