Motiv examines how brands and products measure up to consumer needs and expectations. Our commitment to thorough research helps our clients shape strategies and tactics that resonate with target audiences.

Motiv’s designers and engineers create products that are attractive, intuitive, functional and successful in the marketplace. Our team has a proven track record of products that delight the user, appeal to the retailer, and are cost-effective to produce.

Whether you're promoting a new technology, or developing a step-up strategy for a product line, Motiv’s design strategies are always based on a unique point of view that translates market insights into pragmatic and profitable solutions for clients.

Motiv creates package design that embodies clean aesthetic, thoughtful branding and an eye towards reusability. Our fresh packaging and out-of-box experiences create measurable and memorable impact, both on and off the shelf.

Motiv helps companies launch new brands and products by profiling markets, evaluating competitors, and defining the unique selling proposition. Supported by solid research and strategic focus, our brand positioning ensures that the right message is delivered to the right market at the right time.

Motiv helps companies to design or re-think the in-store experience for maximum impact. We combine research, retail planning, visual brand language, messaging and display design to achieve tangible outcomes.

Brands now exist across diverse mediums, and are defined by multiple voices. We examine market awareness, consumer behavior and the competitive landscape to create brand identities that resonate today and build long-term equity over time.

Motiv creates marketing solutions across digital and traditional platforms. We understand that effective brand communication requires integrated and consistent tactics and tools, whether the application involves a company’s product packaging, in-store merchandising, annual report, signage or sales collateral.

Motiv works at the intersection of brand and design. We help our clients create products and brand experiences that connect with people, evoke emotion, influence decisions and drive business outcomes. We’ve partnered with some of the best and least known companies in the world. Many of them are still clients today. And all of our clients have helped us to expand our own understanding and appreciation of our craft. On that basis, our brand and design capabilities are broad, and continue to grow as markets and technologies evolve.