about us

We utilize marketing insight; design expertise and consumer-centric thinking to help our clients' master the challenges of change and innovation in today's marketplace.

There is a reason over 98% of our projects result in marketplace success for our clients. Motiv proactively and rapidly addresses your project with the right team mixture of consumer research, marketing, trend analysis, design, production and engineering professionals. Our collaborative teams are all grounded in solid business acumen. Additionally, Motiv' strategic alliances with leading universities and other professional organizations insure thought leadership in addressing your issues.

With you and your teams' resident knowledge and our proven methodologies we identify solid opportunities for growth. Uncovering people's behaviors, needs, emotions and desires is where it all begins. Then, with our deep historical knowledge of the consumer marketplace, we visualize and commercialize new ways to improve people's lives, excite the marketplace and bolster your bottom-line. Speed to market is everything and profit insures sustainability.