Corona tools are designed for the serious green thumber, and continue to inspire generations of agriculturists, landscapers, arborists, and other gardeners to passionately prune, shovel, and hoe. Motiv has helped Corona grow its brand by researching and developing sleek and smart packaging designs.

Design You Can Get Your Hands On

When Corona asked us to redesign packaging for their line of garden tools, three things were clear. First, gardeners have a desire to try before they buy. So Motiv designed an-easy-access package with a slide-out tray to allow buyers to handle the product without damaging the container. Second, the messaging had to appeal to two distinct audiences: the professional landscaper and the serious at-home gardener. And third, the packaging had to be environmentally friendly, in keeping with Corona’s mission. That’s why all packaging materials are made from 80% post-consumer paper-pulp and are 100% recyclable. We also developed the brand tagline, a cohesive packaging trade dress, and in-store merchandising.

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